Scientific Themes

Design and characterization of Nanomedicines

Co-organized with CNano GSO & H2020 NanoPilot program

Keywords: Nano-carriers. Medical devices. Synthesis, production, characterization methods. Toxicology and Pharmacology of nanomedicines.

Bio-inspired Nanomedicines

Co-organized with ITN NanoMed

Keywords: Natural macromolecule-based nanoparticles. Nano-reactores. Nano-sensors. Artifical or synthetic virus-like particles.

Smart Nanosystems for Therapy and Imaging

Keywords: Nano-systems to detect, diagnose, or deliver active ingredients. Targeted nano-systems. Nano-assemblies with induced delivery under imaging. Image-guided therapy.

Nanomedicine and delivery of Biomacromolecules

Keywords: Nucleic acids, proteins, peptides delivery. Immune system potentialisation or activation. Immune cells targeting.

Nanomedicine and Cancer

Co-organized with Cancéropole GSO and SIRIC BRIO

Keywords: Nano-systems to detect, image or/and treat tumors. Targeted nanoparticles. Nano-assemblies with stimuli-triggered drug release.

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